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Project Overview

This is one of the client projects from my full-stack UX/UI design immersive course at Xcelerate. To design the Wine NFT trading App for MetaMaster, we collaborated with a group of ten people within a month. 


This project aims to:

  • To build a platform that promotes digital transformation for users. 

  • To encourage users to collect wine and invest in the new era of 3.0

Project Type: 
A group project involving 10 people 
4 weeks
Figma & Figjam
Work As:
UX/UI Designer
  • Primary Research (Survey and Interviews)
  • Secondary Research (Competitor Analysis)
  • Persona, User Journey Map, Affinity Map
  • User Flow, Site Map, Usability Test
  • Low-fidelity wireframes
  • High-fidelity mockup
  • Interactive Prototype
  • Design system
My Role:
  • Primary and Secondary Research including Survey, Interview, Competitor analysis
  • UX/UI design for the Marketplace(Homepage), Wine NFT buying process and Login sections
  • Look and feel of the screen, also handle and set the guideline in the design system
  • Wireframes, high-fidelity mockups, prototypes and usability tests
  • Organizing meetings among students and updating the clients
  • Final presentation to the client

About MetaMaster by V System

MetaMaster is one of the projects being developing under V System - a blockchain infrastructure provider with a focus on database and cloud services. MetaMaster is a product of Custodial NFTs and Physically Backed.

The Luxury Wine Trading Market

Luxury spirits investors make their purchases through auction houses, in travel retail shops, or at select high-end retailers. While those avenues remain highly relevant, new platforms are seeking a slice of the luxury spirits pie. MetaMaster is one such company, offering a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for luxury wine and spirits producers that has upended traditional models.






MetaMaster is asset-backed NFTs from wine collectors and brands. Each NFT corresponds to a physical bottle, and customers have the ability to exchange the digital version for the physical version. In simple terms, the buyer owns the physical bottle, MetaMaster stores it for them, and the digital version serves as proof of authenticity, verification of ownership, and the right to have the physical bottle delivered.

The Challenges

Metamaster needs to build a mobile app for users to invest in wine via NFT

Build trust and engage more users to the platform
Stand out from the competitiors

The challenge for Metamater is to build trust and engage more users on the platform so that the product can be market-fit for different personas. Additionally, they need to stand out from other competitors such as the up-and-coming online wine trading company.

The Goal

A trusted, ease of use platform for wine trading
A high-end luxury digital interface
A seamless logistics of physical wine bottle collection

The ultimate goal is to build a trust-worthy, easy-to-use platform for high-end wine trading since it is difficult to find such a platform. One of the major concerns for investors is the storage problem, so the seamless logistics of physical wine bottle collection may be the most effective option for them. Luxury digital interfaces increase the likelihood that users will use the platform and trade confidently.

Target Audience

This project has three main target audiences:

Wine Investors/Lovers
People who is adapting to new technology
Alcohol Companies

Users Research

Our goal in the research is to find out what users are concerned about when they invest in a wine NFT, what is the purpose of users buying wine NFTs? What will investors consider when buying a wine NFT?

What information is important to users as a wine buyer?


Primary Research


  • Survey - 23 responses collected in total

  • Interview - 10 interviewees in total

  • Usability test - 5 users in total

Secondary Research


  • Competitors analysis

Competitors Analysis

We found 3 main competitors in the online wine trading market. We will compare their main features, try to determine each company's pros and cons, and what we can learn from them.

A primary competitor of MetaMaster is Blockbar, which sells wine NFTs in the marketplace and redeems physical products. The key difference is that Blockbar mainly sells wine NFTs from the wine brand, whereas MetaMaster has various wine investors putting their collections into the app and trading between users.

Vinovest is an online wine selling platform that allows customers to buy directly from the company. Users can build their own trading portfolio with the help of investing advisors and manage their account themselves.

Cult Wine Investment is a traditional online wine trading platform. Their target audience is wealthy investors who need a minimum of $100k to launch their portfolio. Furthermore, the platform provides sales and investor support to assist you with your purchase.

What we learn from the Competitors Analysis:

Advantages of buying NFT wines over buying physical wines

  • Easy to sell and transfer high-end wine, less admin fees and paperwork

  • NFT can prove ownership, verify authenticity and protect customers' rights to redeem goods anywhere in the world

  • Less storage fees and no need to worry about insurance and storage

  • You don't have to worry about shipping wine when relocating

  • Publicly display your rare and exclusive wine collection

Survey and Interview Finding:

The objective is to investigate the trading behavior and investment patterns of wine and cryptocurrency investors, but it's quite difficult to search both audiences simultaneously. Therefore, we divided into two groups, one that studied wine investors, another that studied crypto/NFT investors, and we conducted surveys and interviews with each group.

For NFT traders


  • Half of the Crypto traders also trade NFTs

  • 75% of the NFT traders purchasing the Artwork the most

  • Potential returning profit is the top priority for NFT traders

  • Over 60% of the NFT traders mainly use the NFT app to mint or buy NFT

  • Unknown prospect is the main reason that stops people from trading NFT

  • If the NFT product is attractive, 43% of non-NFT traders will consider trading it


  • Users prioritise the appreciation value the most when trading NFTs

  • Users based on the transaction activities and News Feed to decide what to trade

  • Features that users hope to see including: Mint/Sell/Receive/Wallet extension

  • Users do not prefer any advising function

Findings For Wine Investors


  • All the wine investors want to know the potential profit first, and 33% also want to know more about the exclusivity
and brand of the wine as well.

  • 50 per cent of wine enthusiasts and wine investors in our survey have not heard of Blockbar, Cult Wine Investment or VinoVest. 30% have heard of traditional wine investment platforms through social media or other e-commerce 

  • Most wine investors and enthusiasts see themselves as mostly fairly knowledgeable about wine

  • Out of 100%, 25% said they would be willing to consider investing in an NFT wine platform with average 
to little interest as of the time the survey was taken. Out of those willing to invest, almost 40% said they
are willing to invest $5000 to start.

  • However, 90% are interested in learning about the investment returns of having an NFT wine portfolio. Second highest motivation to be interested is having exclusive wine offerings as well

  • More than 60% are concerned about learning how NFTs work or how wine can be a physically-backed NFT. 
Less than 40% are concerned about authenticity


  • Users prefer advising function, friend referrals when making decision

  • They likely invest in wine that are exclusive from popular wineyard

  • Wine investor perceive wine is an investment product with steady growth return

  • Users are motivated and interested when they learn about potential investment returns of having a wine NFT portfolio

Affinity Maps

Based on the interview feedback on Wine investors and the NFT traders, we created an 2 affinity maps on both side, the below images is the major findings of our maps.

For Wine investors

Research findings based on the above affinity map:
  • Wine traders have a difficult time finding buyers

  • There is a high starting cost because the agent needs a minimum amount to get started

  • The source of the bottle is the main concern for wine traders. There are many fake alcohols on the market, and it is very expensive to check them

  • The purpose of buying wine is to diversify their investment portfolio. Investments in wine seem to be stable

  • Factors to consider when investing in digital wine: Rather trust word of mouth when selecting a wine company to invest in

For NFT traders

Research findings based on the above affinity map:
  • Interviewvee thinks the wine NFT will work, but the company needs to earn the trust of its users

  • The process will depend on whether the website is complete and functional

  • The interviewee thinks the wine NFT platform makes trading convenient for users

  • It might not be lucrative for investors to invest in a company if its liquidity is low or insufficient


Based on the Affinity maps, we created the Personas above:
  • A wine trader wants to trade and socialize with other wine enthusiasts

  • He needs an easy-to-use platform where he can sell and transfer high-end wine, without having to pay a lot of admin fees and paperwork

  • There will be less storage fees and you won't have to worry about insrucance and storage

  • The platform must also prove ownership, verify authenticity, and protect the rights of the customers

  • A simple and easy redemption process in a physical bottle

User Journey Map

The above user journey map shows Jeff as a wine trader who wants to trade his own wine collection through an online platform. As a result of the journey maps, we are able to identify the pain points throughout the trading process. We can also demonstrate some opportunities that can be integrated into our main functionality.

Pain Points

Authenticity of the trade
​Storage Problem
Scarce Market / Platform
Longing to build a community of wine lover

We generate 4 paint points from personas and user journey maps

  • Scarce platform for wine trading

  • Authenticity of trade

  • Eagerness for wine community and 

  • Storage problem

Site Map

To outline all the necessary functionality, we created a site map of the 3 main sections:

  • Explore - Marketplace for users to browse all kinds of Wine NFTs

  • Wallet - Check credit balance and send/buy/receive NFT/tokens

  • Portfoilo - My NFT collections and transaction History, redeem/send  NFT 


Scarce market / platform
Longing to build a community of wine lover
Authenticity of the trade
Storage Problem
Proposed Solutions
Show Master’s Collections in “Explore”
Able to follow other‘s portofolio
Setting up system that proves realiabilty of users
Choose self pick-up
Expected Outcomes
High exposure of Wine and encourage trades
More connections accessible and digital
Get users to trust the plaform
Minimises user’ concerns

Base on our findings and insights from the research, we suggested with these 4 solutions, hoping that the outcomes are beneficial to the users:

Scarce market/platform

  • It is difficult to find a platform for people to trade

  • We included trending products and suggested collections for users to explore high-end wine, expecting them to trade more

Longing to build a community of wine lover

  • Users show their eagerness to build a network

  • The allowance for them to follow each other in the community is preferable

  • Those who share a passion for wine can connect digitally. They will be able to see one another’s portfolio

Authenticity of the trade 

  • The difficulty to verify the authenticity when trading wine 

  • We would like to minimise any possibilities of false users and fake wine 

  • so we set up some symbols/ reviews function to build trust towards to the platform

Storage Problem

  • As wine is very difficult to store, we give users options, hoping to reduce any possible delivery and insurance issues


By creating low-fidelity wireframes, we can visualize our ideas before incorporating them into our three main sessions.

Key Features

Scarce market / platform
Show Master’s Collections in “Explore”
High exposure of Wine and encourage trades

Hard to find a platform that favours high-end wine trading

Look at in app wallet credit balance and the trend at the same time

Custodian NFTs in master collection

Custodian NFTs in master collection

Longing to build a community of wine lover
Able to follow other‘s portofolio
More connections accessible and digital

Longing to build a community of Wine lovers

Send NFT as gift

Use QR code for easier transactions

Able to follow other portfolio

Authenticity of the trade
Setting up system that proves realiabilty of users
Get users to trust the plaform

Hard to verify the authenticity for trading wine

Explore masters’ portfolio

Secure account with a verification symbol

Secure account with a verification symbol

Receive review token

Storage Problem
Choose self pick-up
Minimises user’ concerns

Storage Problem

Choose self pick up

Choose self pick up

Key Features

Explore (My Work) - Marketplace for users to browse all kinds of Wine NFTs

NFT Purchase Process

Explore the Collector's NFT

Wallet - Check credit balance and send/buy/receive NFT/tokens

Receive Token

Transfer NFT


Transfer Token

Portfoilo - My NFT collections and transaction History, redeem/send  NFT

Redeem NFT Process

Design System

Branding Logo


Color Guide

Icon Set


Final Product

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